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They are absolutely in vogue when it comes to the personalized accessory for the living area or the embellishment for a store. 

Carpets and rugs are our passion and bordered rugs one of our specialities. The bare materials offer a wide variety and are manufactured all over the world, e.g. in Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, India and China. Natural fibres from coir, sisal, seagras, wool,  paper, goat hair, bamboo pulp, maize pulp, viscose and even delicate fabric made from recycled PET bottles, they all find their way to our workshops in Germany.

Here we start cutting those materials from the role goods accordingly to your layouts and wishes. So the carpets and rugs you and your customers want take form and are finished by applying a beautiful frame. Our atelier in Germany is backed up by our sewing facility in Romania so we can manufacture anything from a unique single piece or set to mass production.

Bigger projects are not a problem. For example bordered rugs create powerful islands for products or consulting areas in a mall.