We are a family business with a vivid tradition and passion for carpets.

As such we unite many fields of expertise under our roof and offer clients the balance between experience and zeitgeist in one hand and the bond between workmanship and being a modernly connected company within the industry on the other.

Some experience linea naturale as a brand manufacturer, other as an agency, vendor or consulter for floor textiles. We actually do put emphasize on certain areas. That is why we back natural fibres and make bespoke carpets of all kind. Furthermore we supply private customers online an in our stores so we may keep and cultivate the knowledge of the countless aspects of the market.

By making use of all these synergies we offer well proven products and services and would be very glad, if we might help you out once or twice with your singular or daily challenges.



We have
a long way

Gründer des Vorgängerunternehmens Johann Heinrich Schürholz (links) und Andreas Mathaeus Stevens (rechts).On the twentieth on January Johann Heinrich Schürholz (left) and Andreas Stevens (right) found the Open Trading Company Stevens & Schürholz to produce carpets and similar products.
On the first twenty-five-years anniversary the two managers look back on very successful development with an estimated tenfold increase of staff and in sales and the opening of new facilities in Germany.
The Stevens family leaves the business and the resulting company is henceforth called Schürholz & Söhne and decide, alongside other enterprises, to join the “Werbe- und Verkaufsorganisation der DEutschen KOkosWEebereien” (eng.: Marketing and Sales Organisation of German Coir Weaving Mills) simply called DEKOWE.
The organisation of German Coir Weaving Mills is smashed and forbidden by the government, leading to DEKOWE giving up the factory in Mönchengladbach. During World War II the company is barely held alive by a few old weavers; all the young were drafted.
After the war the reconstruction of the production slowly takes form. The workers find help amongst repatriates like the co-bearer Hermann Schürholz. The family enterprise Schürholz & Söhne takes over the name of the lost sales organisation and is henceforth know as DEKOWE Schürholz Teppichfabrik (eng.: DEKOWE Schürholz Carpet Factory).
The “Wirtschaftswunder” (eng.: economic miracle) luckily does not spare the factory in Dorsten, Germany, where production is soon to be at full capacity again and even extended by the acquisition of new sisal weaving mills.
parlamentThe Schürholz family can now look back on three decades of innovation, in which new technologies and processes have been developed and made ready for the market. Special pride is taken in products like TEPPICH© that has just cracked the ten-million mark in sales or Carpetta©, which has just become the carpet of choice for the German Federal Parliament.
The enterprise celebrates its one-hundred-years anniversary. Here are to pictures of the staff from 1887 and 1987 for comparison.
Foto der Belegschaft von Schürholz & Stevens 1887.
Foto der Belegschaft von DEKOWE Schürholz Teppichfabrik 1987 zum 100sten Jubiäum.
Angelika Schürholz launches linea naturale Textildesign GmbH at the site in Dorsten as a division of DEKOWE. The focus lies on the design of floor textiles and the creation of such collections as it does on marketing and distribution of natural fibred carpets.
DEKOWE has to bow to the pressure of globalization and closes the factory in Dorsten. Henceforth it is known as the DEKOWE GmbH & Co. KG, a trading company and brand manufacture of the Steffel Group and remains to be a strong partner of linea naturale Textildesign GmbH. The latter takes over the sewing facility, the atelier / workshop and the office building of the factory in Dorsten.
As a representative of the fifth generation, Philipp Schürholz leaves his leading position at the production facility in Romania and joins linea naturale in Germany as general manager, to lead the company ahead, side by side with his mother, Angelika Schürholz.
In the 1980ties, linea naturale may have been a little ahead of the times, promoting natural fibred carpets not just for their usability but because of an ecological thinking as well. The more times changed, the prouder once got.

Der Königing von England wird der rote Teppich ausgerollt, natürlich einer von uns.
Now they can look back at thirty years of development and experiences they got from helping hundreds of retailers and making countless private customers happy. Historic buildings have been provided with coir-, hotels with premium viscose-, mansions and whole yachts with outdoor-rugs. It is a time, in which linea naturale can rely on many trusty partnerships so that the future looks nothing else, but promising.