We are looking for motivated and experienced people for order processing, sales, purchase and production.

Have a look at our current job offers or try an unsolicited application. Please read the following requirements for your application and understand that we cannot consider those which differ from them.


Application in writing

  • The following documents must be attached to your application:
  • motivational letter
  • personal data sheet
  • copies of documents that verify your relevant qualifications
  • information about your driver licence(s)
  • for designers an excerpt of their current portfolio with no more then ten examples


application via email

You can send us your application as an email and this method is preferred in case of an unsolicited application. Please notice that your motivational letter is actually the text of the email itself. All other requirements of applications in writing apply, so please send all requested documents as attachments to you email.

To be able to look through all applications and eventually your qualifications a little bit faster, consider the following requirements for an application via email:

  • The email should not exceed a total size of 5 MB, including attachments.
  • Attached documents should be converted to PDF, but you may also use JPEG.
  • Please see to it, that your documents are easily readable without a resolution that is too hight. 150 dpi in grayscale is appropriate.
  • If you are going to send us your portfolio excerpt, you can also send us a link in your motivational letter, in case you want to show it to us online.


Unsolicited application

We are always interested in discovering new potential even though we might not have any job offerings at the moment. But before you send us your application, please consider that we are not able to send your documents back to you. Please send us everything mentioned above via email