Upholding your good name demands high quality resources and a partner of integrity.

The placement of linea naturale on the market offers you both and furthermore the safeguard of decades of experience.

Since the foundation of our enterprise renowned brand manufacturers have trusted in our creativity and our closeness to the market. Especially when it comes to extending your portfolio by a carpet and rug collection. To understand comes first for us. Your brand, the values it stands for, your customers and your reputation have all to be satisfied. Our highly qualified textile designers fashion your new collection from excellent materials or adjust your designs for production.


Broaden your product range with a premium carpet.

Add a signature carpet or a rug to your brands portfolio or merchandise.


A consequently good cost-benefit ratio is subsequent to our successful product sourcing. It ensures the final products living up to your brand.  

linea naturale is very well connected to the industry and a company of modern architecture. We produce your new brand-name product at our sewing and refinement facility in Germany, at our workshop in Rumania or at one of our many partners. We are proud of our close and personal relationship to workshops, manufacturers and designers worldwide. Samples, small batches or individual items can be directly produced at our sewing and refinement facility in Germany. 

Read more about our services concerning the creation and design of your own collection.