A bordered area carpet in a well designed interior.

You have got a plan, a mental image and we like to help you making your project living up to it by producing
accordingly to
your measurement
and time table.

You can trust in our expertise as your customer entrusted you with his object. Our focus lies especially on the following three aspects:



We work according to the templates and layouts you provide, so the resulting rugs fit into the overall picture you intended. Your direct account contact and our sewing facility in Germany are always right at your side. As an internationally connected company we can offer you a wide variety of materials for all kinds of application; for a store, a yacht, a cottage or a public building, we got it.

Our designers are also capable to supplement your work with creations of their own. So do our partners in production facilities all over the world with flexibility and ingenuity. The extend of our services is only limited by the requirements of your project.



We are aware of the fact, that we a merely one of many contractors whose accomplishments you have to represent in front of your client. Therefore we make projecting a corner stone of our part of the job.

With us you not only have a supplier but also a company which has learned its lessons in over twenty-five years in the business. Different floorings, varying visitor frequencies or the climate all set their different challenges. With all that in mind, we would like to help with experience and modern tools.


A shimmering viscose complementing a showroom.

All the right things in all the right places.



The last mile stone is reached, the project is done on time and everything looks great. But yet the question remains if it all holds up to the expectations over time. We help you judging the materials and evaluating the environment so that nothing bad happens.

Especially our natural fibred area rugs look modern and yet modest and sustain high amounts of visitors on a daily basis. Outdoor quality rugs which stay outside all year or nicely shimmering viscose rugs that make a noble place shine are both examples as different as the wishes and needs of your clients.