We fulfil even extraordinary wishes of customers our partners in retail may have.They can depend on our portfolio so that they may relax and concentrate on their business.

We are able to provide them with everything a customer might want in a tailor made rug.

Cut-outs for fireplaces, round or oval rugs and special wishes of almost any kind are all made and carried out in our facility in Germany. Our wide assortment of borders and materials allow us to produce the unexpected. Natural fibred rugs offer the look, today's market requires, and offer many useful advantages for historic and sensitive floorings. Those are easily complimented by natural looking outdoor rugs made from durable artificial fibres which hold up to the modern eco-look.


Colour fan with big sisal samples.

Backing up retailers for over 25 years now.


Commonly customers ask for rugs for landings, matching their step mats in staircases, carpets for alcoves or rugs for terrace and swimming pool. Beside that we also make really special rugs happen together with our dear partners worldwide where we make printed carpets or let them make a single piece by hand.

Maybe a beloved piece needs some attention and a customer asks for a new border or a change in size. Just ask us so you are prepared for your customers wishes before being vocalised.