We perceive the nobleness in the material and the processing of carpets and are therefore able to manufacture the desired item to match the shine of you interior.

Whether it is classic, modern or retro, at any given time the rule was and still is, that it shall be rather gracefully pleasing than ostentatiously grandiose – and we see to that.

To accentuate this nobleness of an object we recommend our much desired viscose carpets, which looks as beautiful in a dignified classical environment as it does in a modern one, due to that marvellous light catching, shimmering surface. Depending on the surroundings a well chosen vintage rug or deep-pile rug with a mixed fibre structure might easily do the trick of underlining the premium quality of an object.

Due to our experience we actually know what kind of material can endure a certain kind of usage and environment. That is why we regularly choose quality over a bargain buy. The same applies to hand-knotted or hand-tufted rugs and even machine-made fabrics. Thus it must hold up to our high standards to be admitted to become the bordered area rug, you desire.

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