The origin of our passion are carpets and rugs made from natural fibres.

Within this segment we offer a wide variety of qualities to accommodate any standard and look.



Sisalteppich aubergine von linea naturale.
Modern people demand a more natural and healthy environment, and sisal fits in like no other. Whether elegant or country-style, it is always robust and a today’s classic. As carpeting or bordered rug it can be made to go nicely with any interior. Many positive attributes speak for themselves like the ability to compensate humidity variation in a room. Consider that for your next projcet.


Wollteppich Queen
The feel of it is lovely and the look makes any place more cosy. This is why rugs made from wool undergo a massive comeback. Customers whose aim it is to make their home more of a refuge of ease and comfort do often see it as the perfect material. No other delivers this special kind of warmth. That is why it is commonly used in different mixtures with other materials as well.



Kokosnuss, geöffnet, mit sichbaren Kokosfasern, welche zur Herstellung von linea naturale Kokosteppichen genutzt werden.
Since the harsh days in factories of the early industrialization, rugs made of coir are known to be a standard for robustness. The fibre is actually hollow wood, which is durable, insulating from foot and impact sounds compensating variations of the humidity indoors, like sisal. We see a renaissance these days of such rugs which are roughly made the same way as our predecessors did in the eighteen hundreds.


Katze auf Seegrasteppich an der Mosel.
There is that discreet smell of hay, the unique look and solid feel to those twisted smooth straws. A long-lasting carpet made of seaweed in ones home shows the attitude towards nature and provides homeliness. As a rug, with a simple cotton or elegant leather border for example, actually compliments the new eco look very well.



Papierteppich mit Musterbordüre. It is more durable than most people think and a natural fibre that can take on all the others of its class. At first the paper is twisted into a tear-proof thread similarly to sisal. The result is surprisingly
resistant to water and friction.


Brauner, schimmernder Viskoseteppich.
As it is made from the pulp of different plants, viscose is indeed a natural fibre, in opposition to polyamide, polyvinyl chloride or polyester, which are all made from fossil oil. The result is a silk like look and is especially sought after for more luxurious interiors.


blends of natural fibres

Bordürenteppich aus Naturfaser-Mischung, auch Blend genannt.
Fascinating new developments in the textile industry have lead to promising new products. Mashine-made carpets, e.g. from maize or bamboo pulp are combined with conventional synthetic fibres. The attributes of these blends have already proven themselves in commercial application and this may lead us a step closer to the perfect ecologically sensible carpet.