For over twenty-five years we make carpet collections for world renowned editors, brands and licensees.

Our competence to create carpets and rugs with the look and feel of a brand has let us experience appreciation within the industry.

For us it is about acquiring the knowledge of your brand, its values and target group and to combine that with our knowledge of technologies and design of carpets. We stay close to your style guide as well as your ideas. Alternatively you can let our own textile designers do the job of creating complete collections.

There are not just brands that are close to interior design anyway that pick up carpets and rugs as a new branch in the merchandise. World renowned names complement their portfolio by high quality products, sought after all over the world.


A new premium product for your brand or merchandise.

Add a signature carpet or rug to your brands portfolio or merchandise.


We can quickly produce examples and prototypes as well as smaller batches at our sewing facility in Germany. Especially when it comes to bordered area rugs there are almost no limits for your imagination. Bulk orders are not a problem, too, as we can manage high-volume production with our close partners, e.g. in Romania.

Furthermore we offer to complement your brand with the design and production of high quality single items, handmade, printed and made according to a provided layout.