Whether someone wants us to produce carpets after a strictly set guideline or our own textile designers to create a new collection, we can do that in high-volumes, too.

Our production facility in Romania holds much capacity with over fifty employees and produces high-end bordered area rugs. Weekly transports from and to Romania ensure a flexible delivery. But also contract work is a possibility, e.g. when it comes to over-locking as an addition to an already existing production or maybe reprocessing items that are still in stock.

With strong partnerships we accommodate even the biggest market.

We hold personal and frequent contact to production facilities in other countries as well. Members of our staff are regularly visiting our partners factories and workshops abroad, for example in India. Thus we ensure a proper quality product, made on time, to your liking.

Our own facilities and those of our partners are working hand in hand for many years now. That is why we were able to carry the load of mass producing carpets for prestigious brands, furniture-, hotel-, and retail chains.