For over twenty-five years, linea natuale has been and still is a reliable partner for the industry, craftsmanship and service providers and a partner with whom you can project dependably.

We help you with your project, making carpets bespoke on time.

We know about your responsibility towards your customer and are prepared to share the load with you and to carry it over the finish line.

We are also aware of the fact, that we are just one of your partners and therefore willing to coordinate ourself with involved third parties.

Following our credo, we are not only mindful of the deadline, but also of these factors:


Requirements and characteristics

There have been too many projects that failed due to the neglection of requirements. As a full-service provider, we know about it and we can help you. Every material has its dispassionate advantages and weaknesses, by which the intended purpose is to be measured. Probable factors are the type of floor, the amount of visitors per time frame or the climate and environment. They all have to be evaluated so that the choice of materials will not only fit to your layouts and designs, but also fulfils its duty for a long, long time.

We give the highest priority to the task, to always find the best relation between price and quality.



As a company we are both, modern and traditional, and therefore operate a worldwide network of suppliers, production facilities and workshops of true craftsmanship. We were able to build this by pursuing effective partnerships throughout the last decades, which we care for personally. This network is a strong backbone we can share.

Considering all those factors enables us to supply shop fitters, interior decorators and architects and you, who has been entrusted with a certain object, with only the best rugs can offer.